Campus of Augsburg University

Augsburg, DE

From 16/09/2013 to 18/05/2014

The beautiful green space with two large ponds of the University of Augsburg campus, known for its spaciousness, was an ideal location for the exhibition in the fall of 2013. Due to the very positive feedback, the exhibition was extended into spring 2014. An interesting development at the University of Augsburg is the Center for Climate Resilience, founded in 2020, whose unique selling point is the inclusion of subjects from different faculties, even outside the natural sciences.


Anke Michaelis, Spokesperson University of Augsburg:
I’m glad to hear that you always get nice responses at the Foundation office. I also get a lot of great feedback and am always pleased to see eager readers standing in front of the panels.

Karin Semjutha, visitor:
I went to see the exhibition today in Augsburg on the university campus and I am thrilled.

Peter Wolfrum, visitor:
I was very impressed by the exhibition in Augsburg.