Bad Schönbrunn, CH

From 02/05/2021 to 30/10/2021

The Lassalle-Haus is a non-profit educational house in Switzerland. The center for interreligious encounters with a focus on spirituality, dialogue and responsibility has hosted the traveling exhibition “Walk through time…” twice within 20 years. In the beautiful grounds overlooking the lake of Zug, nestled in the hills of the foothills of the Alps, many groups of visitors as well as seminar and day guests were able to enjoy the exhibition for half a year.


Niklaus Brantschen SJ, lic. phil & lic. theol., Jesuit and authorized Zen Master:

For the second time in 20 years we had the pleasure of hosting “Walk through time…” in the park of Lassalle-Haus. Thereby I could notice: The interest in the well-being of the old, always young Mother Earth is growing. More often than before, I saw people standing in front of the panels – contemplative and thoughtful. I also met many groups, often led by Hansruedi Zulliger – no matter what the weather was.

The concern for our beautiful planet cannot wait until the sun shines. The time is ripe!

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