Botanical Garden of Berlin

Berlin, DE

From 08/08/2008 to 02/11/2008

With an area of over 43 hectares, the Botanical Garden of Berlin is one of the largest in Germany and could easily display the more complex version of the exhibition with about 90 panels.

The Berlin garden aims to give people a new approach to nature, to preserve the richness of life and to preserve, explore and explain the diversity of plants, fungi and algae.
The arrangement of the exhibition panels and the spatial perception of time were praised as particularly fascinating.


Gesche Holstein, Research assistant Botanical Garden of Berlin:
The exhibition conveys the eventful history of our earth, its high points and striking crises. Plants played a great role in this – and still do.
The fascinating thing about this exhibition is the arrangement of its display panels and spatial perception of time. Even though humans have only been around “for a few centimeters,” they exert a massive influence on subsequent history. Lively descriptions and fascinating images are used to convey the complex contents, such as “The Earth Rusts” or “The Racer Among the Microbes”.