Forest Botanical Garden Eberswalde

Eberswalde, DE

From 07/06/2008 to 27/07/2008

The Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences for Sustainable Development was founded in 1992 and the Forest Botanical Garden has been affiliated with a university again since then. Located about 50 kilometers north of Berlin, the 8-hectare garden or forest was moved from Berlin to Eberswalde in 1830 as a forestry academy and serves forestry students as a teaching garden.

The scientific management was struck by the fact that the exhibition appeals to visitors not only through scientific facts, but also on an emotional level.


Dr. Bernhard Götz, Scientific director Forest Botanical Garden Eberswalde:
The visitor is not only addressed by scientific facts, but also emotionally. The exhibition is aesthetically designed, but also has a provocative effect and encourages viewers to think about the past and the future.