Haus der Natur | NAZ Nature Conservation Center Südschwarzwald

Feldberg, DE

From 15/05/2022 to 30/09/2022

The ‚Haus der Natur‘ (House of Nature) documents the cultural and landscape conservation area of the southern Black Forest as well as the largest and oldest nature reserve Feldberg of Baden-Wuerttemberg. For four months, the weather-tested exhibition reached enthusiastic nature lovers and hikers who had not seen the exhibition at past locations such as Osnabrück or Cologne, despite its remoteness, on the hilly terrain around the NAZ Nature Conservation Center.


Hubertus Ulsamer, Deputy manager Haus der Natur | NAZ Nature Park Südschwarzwald:
The idea behind this exhibition is great!!! To make these infinite periods of time visible, this minimal period of humanity that just runs the world into the ground. It needs the appropriate space to offer the viewer “a round”. That was with us, uphill, downhill, a bit tricky.
All in all a great exhibition, great idea, great approach – I liked having it around the house.

Dr. med. Hilla Dohle & 6 year old grandson Georg, visitors:
Actually, my grandson Georg and I wanted to hike a bit at the Feldberg, but the exhibition was so interesting that we only enjoyed the “SchauTafeln”. Georg has been interested in paleontology for two years now and also wants to become a paleontologist. Although he is only six years old he knows so much.

Dr. Elisabeth Kahmann, visitor:
In September I was with a friend at ‘Haus der Natur’ on the Feldberg where the exhibition impressed us very much. I come from Osnabrueck and was totally amazed that apparently the exhibition was already on display there in 2006, but due to my professional activity at the time, this completely passed me by.