School Biology Center Hanover

Hanover, DE

From 21/08/2006 to 30/11/2006

In 130 years, the School Biology Center Hanover has developed from a nucleus of just 1 hectare into the largest environmental education facility in Germany primarily geared to school needs.
Every year, more than 50,000 visitors come to the School Biology Center, which comprises five facilities. These include the Outdoor School Burg, which in 2006 complemented and enriched the exhibition and the unimaginably long period of the Earth’s evolutionary history in a very creative way.


Klaus Thomaier, Director School Biology Center:
The exhibition “Walk through Time…” is about an unimaginably long period of time. It is therefore fitting that we had the longest-serving mayor of Hanover, Herbert Schmalstieg, here to open the exhibition. His 34 years of service are modest compared to the evolutionary history of the Earth. According to my calculations, they would amount to a whole 0.01 millimeters on the scale of the exhibition. Our mayor Schmalstieg took it with humor: “I think this is the longest exhibition that there has ever been here.”