Environmental & Ecological Education Center ÖBZ

Munich, DE

From 04/10/2020 to 25/11/2020

The Environmental Education Center in Munich deals with future issues and a sustainable approach to our environment. Its surrounding green space, a park-like facility in the middle of a residential area, was an ideal place for the exhibition Walk through time… to attract a large number of people in the fall of 2020.
The German UNESCO Commission also recognized this special place as an excellent learning venue for sustainable development education.


Marc Haug, CEO Environmental & Ecological Education Center ÖBZ:
Just on today’s sunny Sunday in the last week of the exhibition, I estimate that a good 100 people actively read through the panels. It’s really nice to see how people are enjoying the exhibition!

Visitor testimonials:

“The exhibition is a sensation! Thank you very much.”

“We were impressed by the texts and pictures. The whole exhibition is a call to be mindful of our world.”

“Congratulations on this wonderful exhibition, we have been here three times and read all the panels with great interest.”

“The texts, although written already in 1997, are absolutely up-to-date and written in a very understandable way. I would like to commend you for this.”

“Great idea, this time travel through the dimensions.”