Dinopark Agrarium

Steinerkirchen, AT

From 02/06/2019 to 20/10/2019

The family park, located between Salzburg and Linz, was not yet a dinosaur park in 2019, but the informative and vivid picture panels of the exhibition served as suitable inspiration and scientific preparation for it.
The exhibition opening was combined with a classic car show as well as a charity action for the “Search Dog Squadron Austria” which is used in disaster relief operations and was thus able to attract hundreds of guests from all ages and social groups.


Erich Preymann, CEO Agrarium GmbH:

We were able to take a special journey into the past at the opening of the exhibition “Walk through time…” in midsummer temperatures together with a classic car show and Glen Miller concert as well as unexpectedly many guests.

In times of climate change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Thus, the hundreds of guests helped to make possible the purchase of an inflatable tent for disaster missions of the “Suchhundestaffel Österreich” and thus a good cause was fulfilled. Our family park Agrarium was greatly enriched thanks to the informative and descriptive picture boards about the history of the formation of the earth. Many thanks!