Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Vienna, AT

From 21/06/2017 to 22/10/2017

The approx. 8-hectare Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna, located in the 3rd district, was founded as early as 1754 and houses a unique plant collection of endangered species, exotics and representatives of the native flora.
The exhibition was perceived as an excellent addition to the Vienna Botanical Garden, it fitted perfectly into its ambience, attracted additional interested visitors and was thus a clear added value for the garden.


Prof. Kiehn, Director Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna:
The large number of visitors at the opening of the exhibition was testimony to the public’s interest in this topic. The appealing design of the exhibition panels ensured that they blended in perfectly with the ambience of the garden. The informative texts and inviting graphics invited visitors to linger, look and read, and there were numerous “Aha” effects and positive feedback.
In retrospect, we would like to state that the project provided real added value for our garden and an excellent addition to our “core themes”. Once again, many thanks.

Frank Schumacher, technical director:
The concept of the exhibition and the very appealing pictures with high aesthetics made most of our visitors follow the exhibition also to the southern part of the garden, which is otherwise not so intensively visited.