Princely Zoo of Braunfels

Braunfels, DE

From 13/06/2010 to 15/08/2010

Thanks to the initiative of the former president of ‘Hesse DGA21’ Wolfgang Gerster, who had seen the exhibition in the English version in Cape Town, South Africa in 1999, the exhibition could be brought to the princely zoo of his hometown Braunfels.
In the summer of 2010, around 3,000 guests came to the zoo in Braunfels, which was an enormous success. The walk through the exhibition between the centuries-old trees was described as a unique experience.


Wolfgang Gerster, President national association ‚Hesse DGA21‘:
In 1999, I saw the exhibition for the first time in Cape Town, South Africa. It was clear to me that I had to bring it to us in Germany. It is simply fantastic – the history of life is presented with the fields of astronomy, geology and biology. And where would there be a more suitable place for it than in this beautiful nature.

Johannes Count of Oppersdorff Solms-Braunfels, Landlord Princely Zoo:
I am very pleased that we were able to present the project here in Braunfels. It’s been a fitting thing for the zoo and took visitors on a journey into the past.