Botanical Garden of Kiel

Kiel, DE

From 10/05/2007 to 29/07/2007

The world has been in bloom for 350 years at the Botanical Garden of Kiel Christian Albrechts University.

With over 75% of the Earth’s land area impacted by humans, the pressure on biodiversity is enormous and 20% of known plant species alone are threatened with extinction.

The Botanical Garden of Kiel cultivates, together with a worldwide network of botanical gardens, approximately one-third of this diversity. The exhibition was perceived as very helpful for the numerous guests to deal with the urgency of preserving our nature.


Dr. Martin Nickol, Director Botanical Garden of Kiel:
In the Botanical Garden of the ‚Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel’, the exhibition “Walk through Time…” was even visited several times by numerous visitors, who intensively dealt with the dimensions of life in time and space.
We were pleased to be able to familiarize many people with something new to them – and also to interest students of biology and other disciplines in the topic of evolution by letting them walk through the abundance of plants.